Donald Baillie – Managing Director

Donald has been in the IT industry for over 20 years with experience ranging from web development, back-end support, equity trading, networking and IT sales. He is a qualified equities trader on the Johannesburg stock exchange and SAFEX and holds multiple sales diplomas.

He headed up Digital Peppa, one of the first app development companies in South Africa, and it was his brainchild to develop a Software as a Service solution offering to tap into the annuity software industry and international markets. He was awarded 2nd place at the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurs in 2016 and was also part of Microsoft’s BizSpark programme where most of his SaaS knowledge and guidance came from.

It is his dream for PeppaComm to become one of South Africa’s SaaS success stories and be able to compete head on with the SaaS providers in the states.

Dylan Verhave – Director

Dylan studied a BSC Property Studies at UCT

He has 14 Years’ experience in property development, fund management, and all other related facets. Dylan is also an entrepreneur and has for the last 5 years been involved in numerous entrepreneurial ventures, with PeppaComm being one of the most recent. He is passionate about start-ups, turning ideas into reality and also understands the complexities that come with such a venture.

Dylan is a natural connector with a strong network and is a well-respected businessman and entrepreneur. He is a natural Leader and an extremely resilient and positive person who knows how to drive teams and get the best out of people. Where Dylan stands out is his key negotiation skills and being able to identify opportunities.

Eugene Rousseau – Head of Development

Eugene is a software developer by trade with over 15 years of experience in the industry, varying from Desktop Software development, Website, Server-Side and Mobile development. His career in IT started in 2002 after studying for a BSc IT Degree at the University of Johannesburg and then working in a range of industries ranging from hardware, support and software development.

In the software industry, he has been a full-stack developer for over 10 years building solutions for the security industry, banking industry, SMS systems and mobile apps on both native and hybrid basis. He is proficient in HTML, jQuery, CSS, pHp, Java, Ajax, Bootstrap, MySQL, SQL, Node.JS, SMTP, XML, JSON, Objective C, C languages and Cordova

Jessica Downey – Marketing & General Manager

Jess is an extremely motivated, hard-working and loyal person and always up for a new challenge. She works fantastically in a team environment and always gets the job done with time to spare. She is the glue that holds our organization together and is responsible for our accounting system, managing the marketing process and ensuring everyone completes their respective tasks.

Jess matriculated from Alberton High School, and studied further marketing and design. She has an extensive background in marketing and design, and is a great all-rounder.