Ground Up

GroundUp has built a reputation for being the best in the business.

“Our strict quality controls, consistent site supervision and excellent service levels speak for themselves. We do our most work for the commercial and retail sector, but we have a special passion for residential projects too. Anything our highly skilled in-house team can’t do, our carefully selected partners can – because we love the challenge of delivering on every unique client request.”

Ground Up use this app to effectively communicate between sectors. Their most valuable module of this app could be the Service Desk.

Service Desk:

This module has a host of applications and is used to track complaints, faults and issues through the entire process. Every issue is logged in the application by selecting the relevant category, and then recording the information. Users also have the ability to upload image examples as do the representative responding to the issue. We also use location services to track where an issue was submitted which can be used in circumstances where the user’s location needs to be identified. All this data is readily available on the dashboard and issues that are responded to outside the recommended response time are automatically flagged and can be easily identified.

Date: October 5, 2017