Did you know eMarketer estimates that in-app surfing represents about 78% of the total time spent on digital media and consumers are spending 138 minutes per day on mobile services – that’s nearly as much as TV! Audiweb estimates that 62% of that app traffic is generated using PUSH NOTIFICATIONS and that Push messaging is quickly becoming the Top Consumer Connection in the Digital Economy … WHAT WOULD THAT BE WORTH TO YOU?


Our fully White-Labelled, modular Communication & Engagement platform is OS agnostic and allows you to distribute information and conduct targeted campaigns via mobile apps, e-mail, SMS, social media, and web, simultaneously.

PeppaComm literally transforms the Consumer and Tenant experience by bringing together the most vital consumer-centric solutions available today in a single offering. Check out the possible features below and let us know how we can help you


Ensuring your data is secure is our priority that’s why we run 256-bit Encryption over a Secure Socket Layer. User Authentication requires verification using either Active Directory integration or our proprietary authentication process
Create dynamic registration fields for users to complete and ensure all personal profiles and pictures are kept up to date
Targeted Campaigns
Earn revenue by publishing targeted, relevant campaigns to users based on location and interests and gather vital analytical data to enhance and refine marketing initiatives to drive more business
Loyalty Programme
Do away with irritating plastic loyalty cards and automatically enroll registered app users onto your loyalty programme. All retailers can participate allowing users to gain points as well as redeem them through their P.O.S.
We have integrated with Admyt, South Africa’s leading number plate recognition parking system, to allow for automated entry and exit to your shopping or tenant complex without the need for ticket machines or long queues
Restaurant Bookings
Now your consumers and tenants can make a booking with their favourite restaurant directly through our platform
Broadcast Messaging
Keep your customers and tenants informed with the ability to publish important messages using push notifications and emails such as electricity outages, road closures, marches and so on
Publish all events with full details such as date,time, contacts and place with Google Maps integration. Allow users to R.S.V.P. directly through the app with any special requirements such as religious or dietary
Publish your weekly or monthly newsletter directly to the app with a push notification to draw people’s attention to it. Even send it via e-mail to ensure no-one misses your News
Help Desk
Track any process from complaints, to service requests & fault logging with a uniquely generated ticket number. Automatically route requests directly to responsible parties, track location and photo uploads submitted by users. A 2-way chat allows full transparency for both the requesting and receiving parties
Restaurant & Shop Listings
List all your retail tenants and restaurants with their product / services offerings, menus and contact details, categorised by industry in alphabetical or location listings
Surveys & Competitions
Gather feedback in real-time from your consumers and even let them view the results if not sensitive
Offers /Specials
Give your tenants a platform to advertise promotions and specials with redeemable P.O.S. discount codes
House all relevant documents such as rules and regulations, health and safety, upload images to a gallery and publish YouTube videos
Contact Details
House all relevant contact information with Click-to functionality