As a church one of your fundamental roles is to build a tightly knit, integrated community of like-minded people who can share the word and connect with each other and the church by delivering your message through clear and effective communication channels.


With PeppaComm’s Cloud Platform, we help you BUILD STRONGER COMMUNITIES by improving congregation engagement & communication channels through the delivery of content via mobile apps, e-mail and web, SIMULTANEOUSLY


“ We have a significant amount of members who travel for work and they love the freedom of connecting with their Church community from anywhere in the world. Peppacom have developed a significant tool and channel for us to communicate with our community by creating our Gracepoint APP. We love the features that filter requests and feedback to the right people, and give our congregation direct access to the latest sermons and news. I would recommend this tool for any church who wants to stay connected to it’s people.” – Gary Rivas, Bishop for the Methodist Church of Southern Africa

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Our White labelled app is published on Android, iOs and HTML5. We can literally streamline several internal processes from a single solution thereby improving efficiencies, saving time and money, and helping you focus on serving your members and your ministries.

We can enable all the functionality below or only those features that you need. You decide and let us know!


Create dynamic registration fields for users to complete and ensure all personal profiles and pictures are kept up to date
Sermons with Feedback
Now you can post your weekly service/sermon notes, video and audio recordings directly on the app. Congregation members are able to rate and comment on each service/sermon for you to gauge its effectiveness
Avoid the noise of chat groups and ensure your message gets delivered and read with our guaranteed push notification service with analytics and reporting
Publish all events with full details such as date,time, contacts and place with Google Maps integration. Allow users to R.S.V.P. directly through the app with any special requirements such as religious or dietary
Publish your weekly or monthly newsletter directly to the app with a push notification to draw people’s attention to it. Even send it via e-mail to ensure no-one misses your News
Facility Bookings
Book the church hall or any facility directly through the application with verification process
Surveys & Polls
Gather vital feedback from your members on certain issues, content, events and so on
Pastoral Profiles
Publish all relevant contact and ministry information for members to easily get envolved. Members can comment and even rate in this section
Have your very own intranet right in the palm of your hands. House Documents, upload an image Gallery and even bring your YouTube channel into the app
Donations / Tithes
Facilitate the collection of donations and tithes via credit cards
Donations / Tithes
House all relevant contact information with Click-to functionality