In an age where insights and data can change the way you run an operate your event, it makes sense to use a provider that can assist with the intelligence and metrics needed to ensure your event gets bigger, better and more efficient.



PeppaComm has brought 4 major elements of your event together, namely Ticketing, Cash, Communication and Connectivity,  into a single offering.

By centralising these services we are able to help you manage your event more seamlessly and efficiently than ever before whilst providing you with massive costs savings, zero breakage on sales, decreased congestion at entrances and vendors, real-time engagement with your audience and data analytics to ensure the next event is better than the last!




Online Ticket sales through a branded web portal

Ability to load cash onto your ticket at purchase

Cashless transactions through NFC bracelets

Branded Apple and Android Mobile App with Push Notifications and multiple features to chose from

Cash top ups via the App, at POS devices, mobile kiosks or roaming staff

Business grade, uncapped WiFi with location heat mapping and marketing capabilities

Point of Sale devices for vendors and bars with transaction tracking

Advanced audience analytics

Captured audience to market to for your next event




Online Ticket sales through a branded web portal

A simple to use cashless environment that can be topped up in 5 different ways

Zero or much smaller queues at the entrance and at vendors

Itemised bill for all event expenses inside the app with push notifications for every transaction

Ability to cash out any left over funds after the event

Targeted, specific , promotions & offers and relevant communication via the app, WiFi and email

Exclusive offers as registered users




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